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October 2015

Congregation in Illinois helps build homes for families in El Salvador   (click to open/close)

    An Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation in Illinois received a Mission Match matching contribution to send a mission team of 8 individuals to El Salvador. The mission team worked with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for local families. In addition to building homes, another stated goal for this congregation was "for people of [church] to see how lucky we are to live in a country where we have so many things and to appreciate what we have. Also to see how we are able to help these people improve their lives in a very small way." A comment in the congregation’s mission bulletin states, "We all go to El Salvador to give people there the love and help needed in building homes, but to our surprise we come home with more than we have given."

    This was the fifth trip to El Salvador made by members of this congregation. Having been to the same area of El Salvador on previous mission trips, members of this congregation were able to reconnect with individuals with whom they worked and helped in the past. As stated in the congregation’s mission bulletin, "Relationships like the one with L___ (from U.S.) and L____(in El Salvador), who remember each other from the 2014 worksite at the church, are part of the lifelong witness we hope to have alongside the people of El Salvador."

    In addition to rekindling old friendships, new relationships were formed for members of the mission team. One team member was quoted in the congregation’s mission bulletin: "What I didn’t realize in the beginning of the week, was that we would have an opportunity to build relationships with the people in the neighborhood. Rainy weather gave us an opportunity to spend time with the ladies from a co-op that was formed in Getsemani (the neighborhood in Ahauchuapan where our Habitat house was being built). They cook, sew, make jewelry, etc. We purchased jewelry from them and they told us about the beads they used … These ladies showed us tremendous hospitality throughout the entire week."

    Follow-up comments stated: "The trips we have gone on have been supported 100% by our congregation in the gifts of money to support the trips but most of all in the stories we bring back to the people are very touching and the congregation is so interested in hearing the stories … This was a great experience for all 8 of us to see just how lucky we are to live in the USA and have so many of God’s gifts. Thank you empty tomb for your help."

September 2015

Congregation in Kentucky provides housing and food for widows and orphans, first aid training to women and church leaders, and holds conference on benefits of vegetable gardening.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist Church congregation in Kentucky received its first Mission Match matching contribution to send 7 mission team members to Nairobi and Ahero, Kenya. As described in the Mission Match application, the congregation’s mission project included: “Build 2-3 houses for widows, basic 1st aid training to approx. 100 women and 100 church leaders, provide bulk food items for 200 widows and orphans, conference on how to benefit from small scale vegetable gardening, sharing the gospel in area public schools.”

According to the church’s follow up comments response, these goals were met. "I am confident that the promotional and fund raising activities before the trip raised mission awareness, as evidenced by the involvement and giving." Additional comments state, "the promise of matching funds really helped to motivate our people to give. The giving towards this mission project exceeded our expectations."

September 2015

Congregation in Indiana sends team to Haiti to provide help in building shelter for a girls’ orphanage and distribute food to children.   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Indiana received a Mission Match Matching Contribution to send five church members to go on a mission trip to Haiti with a Christian relief ministry. The follow-up report stated: "The trip was originally supposed to be a medical/dental mission … God put together a different team than was expected. We had many construction/builders so some of the team worked on a girls' orphanage to provide shelter for children while others fed beans/rice to hungry children."

Additional follow-up comments were: "The trip was a HUGE success! … The team came back passionate about missions with plans to go back to Haiti as soon as possible. They are 'whetting the appetite' of their church family … in hopes of recruiting more people for mission work. None of this would have been possible without your help!"

September 2015

Congregation from Indiana sends mission team to Haiti to teach, and build, and love.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist church in Indiana received its first Mission Match Matching Contribution to send church members on a mission trip to Haiti. While there, the team ran Bible schools and provided nourishment for children, helped finish construction on a hospital bathroom, and completed the plumbing and wiring for a girls’ transitional housing project.

The follow-up report stated: "empty tomb Mission Match was such a huge blessing. It afforded life changing work in the hearts and lives of all who participated. The team will be forever challenged to do more than ever!" The congregation "dug deep and gave from their hearts" in order to collect the monies needed to provide food for the extended village they were hosted by. Additional follow-up comments were: "As a result of this trip, a total of 17 people have committed to sponsoring 20 children." The team wants to return to Haiti in 2016.