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February 2013

Congregation in Ohio contributes funds for the care and support of poor and orphaned children at a school in India.   (click to open/close)

   A United Methodist Church congregation in Ohio received a Mission Match matching contribution to help fund support to a children's school in India. According to the Mission Match application and cover letter, the congregation wanted "to contribute to the care of children at [the school] in Arunachal Pradesh State, India [in order to] provide support for children who are poor and some who are orphaned. Food, medicine, etc., will be provided to [the school]." Additional application material stated, "We look forward to working ... in support of Christ's call to go to the corners of the world."
   Follow-up comments from the congregation stated, "The goal was to help provide for the needs of others, children in particular. We also wanted to bring attention to global/international missions. Our congregation, led by the pastor and lay people, has been a giving congregation. ... The evidence of growth in giving will be in 2013 and the following years. If this effort is made again we can better emphasize denying ourselves something in order to give."

February 2013

Congregation in North Carolina provides medical clinics in remote areas of Swaziland, Africa.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in North Carolina received a second Mission Match matching contribution to help fund a mission project. This project trip was to remote areas of Swaziland, Africa. According to the congregation’s Mission Match application, "For more that 15 years we have had a partnership with the Baptist Mission of Swaziland. In February 2013 we plan to take a Medical Team (9 Medical Professionals and 12 support persons) to Swaziland to conduct Medical Clinics in remote parts of the country. According to missionaries with the Baptist Mission, we will treat more than 2,500 people, mostly women and children who otherwise have no access to medical care."
   According to the congregation’s Mission Match application, "The money will be used to purchase medicines (antibiotics, multivitamins, etc.), medical supplies (rubber gloves, bandages, etc.), and personal hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, etc.) for the Swazi people. We plan to incorporate evangelism as a part of our focus, but our main focus is conducting 8 medical clinics in remote areas throughout the country."
   The congregation’s application materials stated, "... our church has sent mission teams to Swaziland mostly to do the work of evangelism and to disciple new believers. Swaziland is one of the poorest countries in the world and has the distinction of having the highest percent of its population infected with HIV. Over the years we have seen the life expectancy dramatically decrease and an incredible increase of orphans due to the HIV epidemic."
   Comments received from the congregation state, "The goal of our project is to provide 8 medical clinics to people living in remote areas of Swaziland, Africa. We served 2,500 +- people, mostly women and children."
   "In February 2013 we [sent] a medical team (5 doctors, 4 RNs, and 12 support persons) to conduct medical clinics in remote areas through the country. We conducted 8 clinics in eight different locations. … We are told by our missionaries that one of the greatest needs is multivitamins for children and expecting mothers."
   Follow-up comments received from the congregation stated, "The Mission Match matching dollars encouraged our congregation to be involved in this project in a tangible way. Our congregation was given the opportunity to pray for the project, support it through our church budget, and to give personally beyond our budget through the Mission Match emphasis."

Summer 2012

Congregation in Pennsylvania ministers to needy and hurting in Tennessee community   (click to open/close)

  A Brethren in Christ congregation in Pennsylvania received a fourth Mission Match matching contribution to help fund a mission project. This mission trip was in a community in Tennessee, USA. According to the cover letter of the application materials received from the congregation, "the church did not have much of a concept of mission work beyond a handful of projects done within the community." The pastor continued, "I am excited to see the work God has done in our hearts over the past five years, and this year we [traveled] to Tennessee to offer our gifts and services to a community stricken with poverty and drug use."
  According to the application materials from the congregation, "[This community in] Tennessee has the highest drug use per capita in the world. It is estimated that 90% of high school students use drugs. This trip [focused] on ministering to the community through service projects and offering a chance for children to hear the Gospel through a children's club."
  Additional comments in the application materials stated, "What a blessing and transformation we have seen among our congregation in giving toward mission work and time spent reaching out to those in our community, our nation, and our world. None of this would have happened without your [Mission Match] help."
  Follow-up information received from the congregation after the completion of the mission trip stated, "Our group traveled to Tennessee to serve the community there. We gathered with a number of other churches from across the country and worked in teams. One group held a children’s camp in the morning. This camp focused upon teaching the children sports and the Gospel. Many of the children come from troubled homes and were able to experience the love of God in their lives."
  "Other groups worked in construction. This included roof repair for those who were unable to afford such work, and repairs made to a church in the community." The congregation's comments continued, "We had a number of people who had not been on a [mission] trip before, and it was a challenging experience for them to see God in the lives of others. It was also a joy to connect with other churches and Christians from across the country, seeking the face of God. Without your [Mission Match] help we would not have been able to be the hands and feet of Jesus."

July 2012

Congregation in Illinois provides support for missionary to Tanzania, Africa, for Bible translation   (click to open/close)

  A United Methodist Congregation in Illinois received a second Mission Match matching contribution. The application materials from the congregation stated the intention to “support a new missionary to Tanzania, Africa who will be affiliated with Wycliffe Bible Translators. [The missionary] will be working wit local churches in Africa to translate biblical stories into the native language, and will additionally be working to develop bible curriculum in the native language, so that local pastors and lay leaders will have instruction on how to teach bible stories and concepts to children.
  The application materials from the congregation also stated, "Last year our congregation supported [the missionary] with a nominal gift directly from our mission fund. This year we feel led to do much more."
  Follow-up comments from the congregation state, "Our goal was to help support a new relationship with a missionary [who] is a new missionary who felt God's call to be a bible translator to tribes in Tanzania, Africa. With the help of the Mission Match contribution, we were able to accomplish the goal of providing sufficient support for [the missionary] to begin ministry."
  The follow-up comments from the congregation also included a statement from the pastor that reads, " … the 'match' plan is a very good motivator for giving. We announced that Mission Match would match our giving up to $1,500, and we far surpassed that amount. Also entering into a relationship with a missionary has a been a goal of ours for awhile, and Mission Match helped us enter into this relationship with more funding than we’d have been able to give. This excited both our congregation and [the missionary]."

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