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Projects done in Philippines by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

February 2009

Congregation in Pennsylvania builds a playground in the Philippines   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist congregation in PA sent a team of five to a small island in the Philippines. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the matching funds were sought "to support our efforts to provide a playground, medical supplies, and rice to the people" of this island in the Philippines. According to the application materials, "this will be a two week venture. Our first goal, week one, is to build a playground for the children as they currently have only hard dirt ground to play on. The playground will include a slide, swing, and also a basketball hoop. The playground will be placed on the grounds outside their school facility, and it will be available not just to the schooled children but also those who cannot attend school due to insufficient funds. It is also a structure that will be useful year-round. Currently these children are playing in sewer water and we feel that this will give them a more safe and sanitary place to play. Our second goal, week two, will be to serve on a medical mission which will distribute thousands of dollars of medicine and medical services to individuals" in the area. The application materials continue, "During this same time, we will also be handing out bags of rice to the poorest of the poor. During these two weeks, we will also be sharing the word of God to these adults and children in the hope of bringing them to the Lord. We will provide Bible lessons to the children and hand out faith bracelets and Bibles so that they remember that God is always available to them." The church's Mission Match application letter stated, "This is the first effort of this magnitude that our church has supported as a church mission trip. We expect this to be the beginning of a new and wonderful experience in serving God internationally." In follow-up materials from the congregation it stated, "As a result of participating in a mission trip to the Philippines earlier this year, members of our congregation promised to return to build Ryan's Playground in memory of Ryan, who died while undergoing heart surgery at age 4. His father serves as pastor" at a church in Virginia. According to a church follow-up report to Mission Match, "The playground, dedicated in memory of Ryan and Dana, (the children in memory are that of the Philippine pastor who led the trip and a member of the team) was built in 2009. Much of the work was performed by the men and women of this island" (in the Philippines) along with the American team members. The follow-up comments continue, "The children and families of this small island were greatly blessed by this constant reminder of their Christian friends in the USA. This was the first and only playground within the many surrounding islands and created much interest." The follow-up report from the congregation also said, Philippine "school leaders asked, 'How was this done?' A teacher from the school, thought to be a non-believer of God, simply said it was a God thing!"

January 2003

Congregation in California brings ministry and medical care to mothers and children in the Philippines   (click to open/close)

A Christian Church/Church of Christ congregation in California raised funds to assist a ministry home in the Philippines. According to Mission Match application materials, the goal of the home is to provide spiritual, emotional and financial aid to single mothers in crisis situations. The money was partly used to support the medical program, which provides care for the mothers and their children. Additional money was used for a low-cost loan program for these mothers in crisis. The team at the ministry home works with the families to get an education to start their own source of income. The home provides funds so the families can get back on their feet and afterwards the loans are paid back at a low rate, allowing the ministry to continue. Follow-up comments from the church stated, "money can do a lot in the mission field, but when you double it, the blessings become immeasurable. We were able to fund the medical program with the aid of Mission Match. The Spirit led us to a source of funds for being obedient to His call to go into the world. We have been blessed beyond words."