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Projects done in Swaziland by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

March 2015

Congregation in North Carolina provides medical clinics and evangelistic services in rural Swaziland   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in North Carolina received a third Mission Match Matching Contribution to help fund a medical mission project to remote areas of Swaziland, Africa. According to the congregation's Mission Match application, "the project is threefold: 1) rural medical clinics in central and northeastern Swaziland (six clinics serving approximately 1,200 persons); 2) distribution of health care packages to rural homesteads in these same areas; and 3) nightly evangelistic services in the same areas." The congregation’s Mission Match application cover letter stated, "The mission team, composed of medical professionals and others from our congregation, will use matching funds to purchase medicines and medical supplies" to be used or distributed while the mission team is in Swaziland.

Follow-up comments from the congregation stated, "The goal was to provide 6 medical clinics in Swaziland, Africa. Our congregation was challenged to match the Mission Match funds. We exceeded our goal by $2,000."

Additional follow-up comments from the congregation after the completion of the mission trip stated, "We set-up make shift clinics in six rural areas of Swaziland. We saw over 1,600 patients during the six days of clinics. We treated skin infections, upper respiratory and ear infections, scabies, worms, allergies, wounds, cuts, and even did a few minor surgical procedures. We also fitted over 400 persons with used eyeglasses. At two of our clinics, with the help of a missionary nurse who lives and ministers in Swaziland, we were able to do HIV screening and HIV education. Swaziland has the highest percentage of HIV in the world. “We appreciate the assistance we received from Mission Match that helped purchase medicines and supplies."

February 2013

Congregation in North Carolina provides medical clinics in remote areas of Swaziland, Africa.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in North Carolina received a second Mission Match matching contribution to help fund a mission project. This project trip was to remote areas of Swaziland, Africa. According to the congregation’s Mission Match application, "For more that 15 years we have had a partnership with the Baptist Mission of Swaziland. In February 2013 we plan to take a Medical Team (9 Medical Professionals and 12 support persons) to Swaziland to conduct Medical Clinics in remote parts of the country. According to missionaries with the Baptist Mission, we will treat more than 2,500 people, mostly women and children who otherwise have no access to medical care."
   According to the congregation’s Mission Match application, "The money will be used to purchase medicines (antibiotics, multivitamins, etc.), medical supplies (rubber gloves, bandages, etc.), and personal hygiene products (soap, toothpaste, etc.) for the Swazi people. We plan to incorporate evangelism as a part of our focus, but our main focus is conducting 8 medical clinics in remote areas throughout the country."
   The congregation’s application materials stated, "... our church has sent mission teams to Swaziland mostly to do the work of evangelism and to disciple new believers. Swaziland is one of the poorest countries in the world and has the distinction of having the highest percent of its population infected with HIV. Over the years we have seen the life expectancy dramatically decrease and an incredible increase of orphans due to the HIV epidemic."
   Comments received from the congregation state, "The goal of our project is to provide 8 medical clinics to people living in remote areas of Swaziland, Africa. We served 2,500 +- people, mostly women and children."
   "In February 2013 we [sent] a medical team (5 doctors, 4 RNs, and 12 support persons) to conduct medical clinics in remote areas through the country. We conducted 8 clinics in eight different locations. … We are told by our missionaries that one of the greatest needs is multivitamins for children and expecting mothers."
   Follow-up comments received from the congregation stated, "The Mission Match matching dollars encouraged our congregation to be involved in this project in a tangible way. Our congregation was given the opportunity to pray for the project, support it through our church budget, and to give personally beyond our budget through the Mission Match emphasis."

February - March 2009

Congregation in North Carolina leads revivals in Swaziland   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist church in North Carolina sent two pastors as part of a mission team to Swaziland. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the purpose of the trip was primarily evangelical, leading revivals in remote areas of the country where church planting is a priority and working with children and families through preaching and music evangelism. They were working closely with missionaries who are already established in the area. According to Mission Match follow-up reports from the congregation, "It has made our congregation aware of a new mission field in Swaziland. Some of our congregation collected additional items to send to the missionaries in Swaziland." In a further follow-up report the mission partner stated, "The project was a great success. We can report that some 100 decisions for Christ occurred during our time in Africa. We were also privileged to give food to children in several schools in the area where we worked."

August 2005

Congregation in North Carolina led a conference in Swaziland   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist church in North Carolina sent a team of 14, including 8 youth, to lead a national youth conference in Swaziland. According to the congregation's Mission Match application, "Youth from across the country of Swaziland attend the camp annually. The team was responsible for planning and providing all activities, Bible studies, nightly worship services, skits, dramas, music and testimonies during the camp." Further comments in the application stated, "Swaziland was currently recognized as having the highest mortality rate from AIDS and AIDS-related illnesses. The team ministered and evangelized to the country's youth during the camp about the importance of God in their lives and the importance of Godly choices." According to follow-up comments from the North Carolina congregation to Mission Match, "We wanted to make our church aware of the differences in our youth's/children's lives versus a Swaziland youth." The comments continued, "The church family was made aware of the abundance of food, shelter, and clothing we have. Our education is free, while in Swaziland only one child per family is able to attend school annually because of the cost. Our congregation was challenged to give in creative ways: based on the number of pairs of shoes owned, in recognition of children and grandchildren in school or who are healthy. The church was challenged to give so that the Swaziland youth could learn about Jesus and that one day a nation could be changed because of their belief, faith and dependence on God." One team member reported in follow-up comments to Mission Match, "It was incredible to be a part of the Swazi's worship. Their love for God is so evident, and it is obvious that God is present in their lives. They are the most loving people and so incredibly happy, all of the time. It is so refreshing to be around people who always seem to be satisfied with what they have. They lack so much and continue to be so happy. Their joy is contagious, even if you are only around them for a short amount of time." A follow-up comment from another team member said, "As I sat looking around at the youth interacting with each other, during a break in the conference schedule, an intense emotion enveloped me. It was one of joy of seeing so many youth come together." Another comment stated, "I was filled with love for each and every one of them, with the bond of Christ bringing us closer."

February - March 2004

Congregation in North Carolina provides education, distributes food, and holds revival services in Swaziland   (click to open/close)

A Baptist church in North Carolina sent a team of youth to Swaziland. According to Mission Match application materials from the congregation, the team was involved in sharing Christ with the people in the southern region of Swaziland. According to this congregation's follow-up report, they conducted revival meetings each evening for eight days and over 100 people came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. There were opportunities for teaching about Jesus Christ at a local college, including the use of music as a means of conveying the message of Jesus. According to the follow-up report, some of the team members taught Bible classes within the public schools for a week. Two nurses provided HIV/AIDS education to many families. The team worked with local congregations in Swaziland providing teacher training. The women from the team participated in a ladies' Bible retreat on one of the weekends.