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Projects done in China by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

August 2010

Congregation in Pennsylvania conducts a culture camp in the Far East   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational congregation in Pennsylvania received a second Mission Match matching contribution to send a team to the Far East to assist in a summer youth camp. According to materials from the church, "This week long camp was designed for middle school age young people to learn more about their native culture and to build relationships with the missionary couple who work among them." Mission Match application materials from the church stated, "Last year your matching funds allowed us to send six of our members to assist with the camp. It was a huge success. It allowed our missionaries to build bridges to the unreached people group they minister among." Follow-up comments from the congregation indicated that their goal "was to encourage our missionaries and aid them in an event to continue building relationships with their minority group. The minority group we visited is often closed to outsiders. We saw God open doors as we were invited into their homes. Our friends in the country have been able to revisit villages because of our visit and have continued cultivating seeds that were planted." Additional follow-up comments stated, "People at our church were excited to give because they knew their gift would be matched. They were refocused on the importance of giving towards missions. Thanks to Mission Match, giving was above our goal and our team greatly benefited from it."

June - July 2009

Three Congregations from Pennsylvania and Georgia hold Culture Camp for youth education in China.   (click to open/close)

Three church congregations, one "non-denominational," one "interdenominational" and one "fundamental," two in Pennsylvania and one in Georgia, provided funds for youth education in China. Application materials for the congregations indicated that the funds raised for this project would provide meeting rooms and boarding costs for 250 students and 50 adults for 5 days at the camp. Supporting documents with the application stated, "this least-reached people group will celebrate their traditions while the Culture Bureau welcomes guests from the West to lead group activities and make this camp memorable and meaningful for these young people." According to the Mission Match application materials from one of the congregations, they wanted "to share Jesus authentically by building trust with the people." Another congregation's Mission Match application materials indicated, "We will demonstrate the love of Christ in many meaningful and practical ways." One worker would "serve the camp as part of a photography and videography team that will produce material to be put on the Cultural Web-site by the Culture Bureau. We are excited to have the opportunity to further the gospel of Christ to this unengaged and unreached people group." According to follow-up comments to Mission Match from one congregation, "The goal for us was to send workers to assist our missionaries by working at the Culture Camp. Another goal was to establish trust and hopefully long term relationships with families within a normally closed culture. We believe we were successful." Additional comments stated, "The opportunity to 'double' our giving dollars proved to be a great incentive. We used it to encourage people that any amount given would be more significant, that many small gifts added up to accomplish a great endeavor." The congregation stated in follow-up comments, "Our congregation always gives on a regular basis to missions and faith promise giving. But when asked for a special project, they dig deeper, especially with the incentive of matching funds. Mission Match is a great incentive for extra giving." The third congregation participating in this Culture Camp stated in follow-up comments, "The goal was to create relationships within a people group that could open opportunities for evangelizing. We accomplished our goal as far as we can humanly see. There were 160 young people at the camp, many national leaders and about 20 American believers. The numbers are just that, but we sense already the fact that this people group knows that we came for them as people." One congregation indicated in follow-up comments, "In tight economic times our people gave over and above our regular giving--in fact our regular giving did not diminish at all. We are amazed and thankful."

July 2007

Congregation in Illinois preaches Gospel and teaches English in Mongolia, China, Cambodia, and South Korea   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church in Illinois sent a mission team to Mongolia, China, Cambodia and South Korea to preach the Gospel and teach English to students and children.

March 2005

Congregation in Wisconsin sends a member of church to China for community development   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church in Wisconsin, according to their Mission Match application, was "the sending church for a young woman working in China. She is the first person raised in our congregation to enter the overseas mission work as a fulltime vocation and we want to prayerfully support her. We hope that her work and reports will inspire and educate us as well." According to materials from the congregation, "She worked in community development with disadvantaged children in a city in China."