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Projects done in Honduras by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

December 2013

Congregation sends full-time missionary to Honduras   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church congregation in Kentucky received a second Mission Match matching contribution to help send a fulltime missionary family to Honduras. According to the cover letter of the application materials from the congregation, “The family has been with us for the last 12 years and has been directly involved with our church and our vision from day one. We are a mission minded church with a call to carry the gospel to unchartered territory ... [The family’s] integrity and character represent Jesus in all manner of life; their children serve Jesus as well ...”
The Mission Match application submitted from the congregation states, the missionary “... has continually gone to Honduras to further cultivate the work he began in 2009 by ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to churches in the remote mountainous regions. Now we have the pleasure of sending him and his family to Honduras as fulltime missionaries. [Their] hearts are to further reach out to the churches in the mountains. … many of these churches are untouched and suffer greatly due to ignorance of God’s Word and financial resources. Their desire is to ... bring strength to [them] through various ministerial means. ... the family will begin to host mission groups from the states ... in July 2014. ...
“The goal is to develop more connections with various other types of ministries to bring unique strengths to the churches and communities (construction, business development, medical/dental, evangelism, food/clothing distribution, clean water projects, etc.).
“The whole designed plan and goal is to develop healthy vibrant churches in the remote mountainous communities of Honduras.”

January - April 2009

Congregation in Kentucky sends missionary to Honduras   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Kentucky sent a member supported by the church to the remote mountainous regions of Honduras for the "2009 Honduran Expedition," according to the congregation's Mission Match application materials. The information continued stating, during "the three-month stay, the ministry member will be doing the following: living in the remote mountainous regions of Honduras in various villages, preaching and teaching the gospel to the remote pastors and their people, bringing encouragement through our Lord Jesus Christ, strengthening those who have heard of Jesus Christ, bringing the name of Jesus Christ to those who haven't heard, and participating in a medical campaign and various food distributions." According to the congregation's Mission Match cover letter, "We must go and reach these remote areas so they too can be free from bondage the enemy has brought their way." Comments in the letter continued, "Mission Match assistance will open many more doors for future mission trips to further ministers and educate remote areas of Honduras in the Word of God, healthier living conditions, construction, medical help, food and education. We know that through Jesus Christ, all things are possible."

July 2007

Congregation in Illinois finishes construction on dining facility in Honduras   (click to open/close)

An American Baptist church in Illinois sent a team of their youth and youth leaders to Honduras. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the team was to finish "construction on the dining facility in a children's home. The new dining facility will also serve as a multi-use building, first, for a dining hall for current and future children, second, for outreach in the community by hosting a feeding program, and third, for a future local church." According to the materials, the team also held Vacation Bible School and did evangelism in the surrounding communities at schools, "presenting drama, music, and testimonies in the community." The congregation provided building supplies for constructing the dining facility, transportation on site, and supplies for Bible school and evangelism."

July 2004

Congregation in Indiana builds a kitchen in an orphanage in Honduras   (click to open/close)

A Free Methodist church in Indiana sent a team to Honduras to finish an orphanage's new kitchen facilities. According to Mission Match application materials from the congregation, "We are helping to stop children from starving in this poor country." The materials indicated "the orphanage only has one hot plate that they are using to prepare meals for ten children. With the addition of a completed kitchen they would be able to house and feed thirty children." The congregation provided labor, equipment, and supplies for the project. Comments to Mission Match from the congregation said, "We really do appreciate what you are doing to help the Kingdom of God go forward, especially as we reach out to hurting children."

August 2003

Congregation in Connecticut rebuilds house in Honduras   (click to open/close)

The youth of an Episcopal church in Connecticut traveled to Honduras to visit some of the villages impacted by Heifer Project International which provides livestock and training for families so they can feed themselves, provide income and care for the environment. According to Mission Match application materials from the church, "for many years we have supported the Heifer Project through donations made for animals. Having the opportunity to witness first-hand how those donations make a difference will be an enriching experience." The youth also worked with pre-selected families in Honduras to build or rebuild their homes. Additional comments indicated that by having a personal connection with the families in Honduras, "they have a way of knowing that someone cares for them in the name of Christ. And we have the opportunity to learn from them the blessings of a simpler way of life." In follow-up comments the pastor said, "We thank you [Mission Match] for your support and for your desire to encourage Christians to reach out beyond their own building walls."