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Projects done in Jordan by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

Fall 2006

Congregation in Indiana provides educational books delivered to children in Jordan   (click to open/close)

A Free Methodist church in Indiana sent an individual to Jordan to distribute books in Jesus' name. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, "violence, poverty, and other undesirable conditions dominate lives of the children" located in Jordan's refugee camps. According to the church's application, this church provided "My Arabic Library for the orphanages and refugee camps of Jordan. This is an educational project developed to encourage a love of reading and learning in children across the Arabic-speaking world by providing a great variety of high-interest books. A good education can provide these children with the skills they need to have a better future." In addition to bringing the books, the mission team volunteered in the orphanages and worked with kids doing recreational activities and assisting in classrooms. According to Mission Match follow-up comments from the church, "we purchased and delivered four sets of the Arabic library books. With Mission Match our congregation was able to expand their giving."