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Projects done in Liberia by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

April - May 2006

Congregation in Illinois adopts an orphanage in Liberia   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational/Independent Christian church in Illinois sent a team to Liberia. According to Mission Match application information provided by the church, "a fourteen-year civil war in Liberia left thousands of children without families, education, and shelter. The church adopted an orphanage and committed to God to improve these children's quality of life on earth as well as provide them with an eternal opportunity. The church is responsible for the needs of the children including food, shelter, education, and clothing." According to the church's follow-up reports to Mission Match, while the team was at the orphanage, they taught basic health skills and built adequate sleeping surfaces as well as shared the hope of Jesus. The church provided antibacterial soap, lumber, fabric, roofing materials, Bibles and other educational materials. According to follow-up comments from one of the team members, "While there we ministered with seven different churches, worked with over 500 kids, stood on street corners proclaiming Jesus, passed out 300 Bibles, purchased new land to build a new orphanage, taught over 140 kids how to share, work together, use a toothbrush and show them God loves them. Our experience was matchless, like our God. We were praying for God to provide and He did beyond what we could have imagined due to Mission Match. Our congregation stepped up and realized how important it is to give to missions. They understood that their money would be matched. This was such a blessing to the church because we are a small congregation. It proves to us that when Jehovah Jireh calls His people to do a work, He will provide!"