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Projects done in Mexico by congregations that received Mission Match® funds

August 2016

A Missionary church in Indiana sends a team of youth to Mexico to help build a house for a family in need.   (click to open/close)

An Indiana congregation sent a teen mission team to partner with a local helping agency in Mexico, helping build a home for a family in need. The family consisted of a woman, her daughter and son-in-law, and their four girls.

The mission team also distributed food to families and provided toys to a local daycare. As stated in their follow-up comments, the mission team members strived to "show the love of Christ to those we came in contact with."

When asked about how Mission Match helped the congregation in their mission giving and awareness, the response from the youth pastor was, "I believe it [Mission Match] did help spur our congregation to more missional giving. I heard from many people who were excited about our upcoming trip, then we shared when we returned and the same people were asking about when we would be going again!"

July 2014

Congregation in Indiana provides funds to help a mission team build a house for a homeless family, do a VBS program and distribute food to the hungry in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A Missionary Church congregation in Indiana received a third Mission Match matching contribution to help fund a teen and adult mission trip to Mexico. According to the Mission Match application and cover letter, “We would love for you to help us raise new funds from our congregation to go toward this mission trip. We will have a special offering to encourage people to give above and beyond their normal tithe, and … knowing their contribution would be matched would only help make them willing to give!”
According to the Mission Match application materials, “We will be building a house for a family in need. We will also be handing out food, water and clothes to many people who are working/living in a landfill. We will be putting on a Vacation Bible School for some of the kids in the area, and sharing the Gospel with those we are serving. We will help supply a daycare food pantry with food and water to give to kids and their families who do not have their basic needs met.”
According to follow-up comments from the congregation, “Our goal was to go to Mexico and meet physical needs of some of the people who live there, and after meeting the physical needs, to share the love of Christ with them. We did accomplish that goal! God’s name was glorified!”
In response to how Mission Match helped the congregation grow in their mission giving and awareness, the follow-up comments from the congregation stated, “… knowing that their contributions would be matched encouraged people to give who normally wouldn’t have given. Then upon hearing the mission team share what God did, they will be encouraged about what God did with their gift. This is an incredible program that allowed us to have a much greater impact than we could have had on our own. Thank you.”

July 2010

Congregation in Indiana conducts a prayer and renewal retreat in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in Indiana received a second Mission Match matching contribution to fund a Prayer and Renewal Retreat in Mexico. According to the Mission Match Mission Spending Percentage Calculator from the church, total mission spending for the congregation, as a portion of total spending, was 11.7% in the year before the Mission Match matching contribution was received. Mission spending as a portion of total congregational spending increased to 14.1% in the year the first Mission Match matching contribution was received. The congregation's application materials indicated they anticipate a further increase to 16.2% in mission spending during the year the second matching contribution was received. The Mission Match application materials from the church stated, This mission trip project is designed to be a time of worship, prayer and renewal for missionaries serving on the field in Mexico. We will also be hosting a Vacation Bible School for missionary kids. Follow-up comments from a team member stated, Our goal was to provide an atmosphere of prayer and renewal for missionaries, and a quality VBS for missionary kids. I believe we were successful because of the obvious enthusiasm and participation of the kids. And the repeated expressions of gratitude from the missionaries. Further follow-up comments stated, Because Mission Match's emphasis is on second mile or extra giving, we promoted the fund raising efforts from that perspective, and our congregation got it. Awareness increased because our team members consistently promoted the trip and the opportunity for matching funds from Mission Match. Because of the increased giving and matching funds, we did not have to ask volunteers for extra money to meet the expenses of VBS and related activities. It is really huge when volunteers are willing to pay their own way. What a blessing to be able to help with unexpected expenses, as well as those we knew about in advance. Thank you! Follow-up comments from one church family stated, we personally thank you for your help with our mission trip. We would not have been able to go and serve with the missionary families without your generosity. This was our first family mission trip and the first time that three of the five of us have been out of the country. It blessed us far more than it blessed the people we were ministering to.

July - August 2009

Two congregations in Indiana hold a retreat in Mexico   (click to open/close)

Two Southern Baptist congregations in Indiana provided funds to assist with a Prayer and Renewal Retreat in Mexico. The congregations' Mission Match application materials indicated the funds were to be used to purchase materials necessary for a Vacation Bible School and worship materials and team members were to help lead activities and teach the children. They also were to help lead worship times for the adults. Application materials from one congregation indicated approximately 100 missionaries and their families from Central America planned to attend this retreat. According to application materials from one congregation, "This is an opportunity for volunteers from our church to be involved in 'hands-on' ministry to missionaries and to experience short-term service in a foreign country." According to follow-up comments from one congregation, "Judging by the response of the missionaries, our mission was a huge success. They expressed thanks verbally while we were there, and have already begun sending e-mails stating how much they appreciated what we did, and inviting us to come back and work with them." Follow-up comments from the second church to Mission Match indicated, "Our goal was to bring renewal and refreshing (by God's power) to all the regional leaders and all the missionaries. We believe this goal was accomplished, again through the power of God, as evident not only by verbal expressions from the missionaries themselves, but also by a great movement of God in our final worship session with each other. The service lasted over four hours as missionary after missionary came forward and shared the real struggles they were dealing with! The service never really ended, but the conclusion of our time was with everyone gathering to the front in a time of rejoicing and prayer! God truly moved and brought a great time of renewal, not just in the missionaries' lives, but in our lives as the worship leaders as well. Thank you Mission Match and empty tomb for your help and prayers!" One congregation commented in Mission Match follow-up reports, "Our congregation gave enthusiastically, over and above their tithes and other mission offerings. Mission Match made it possible for two members of our church to participate in this trip. Without the increased giving and matching funds, it is doubtful they could have gone." The second congregation stated in follow-up comments, "We are a small congregation with limited resources, but have always had a huge heart for missions. We believe this will lead us into doing a complete mission team trip from our church next year!"

July 2008

Congregation in Indiana runs a Vacation Bible School and service projects in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A Missionary Church in Indiana sent a group of youth and adults on a mission trip to Mexico. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, "The purpose of the trip is three-fold: 1) to allow God to work in our lives through personal enrichment that comes from this type of missions trip; 2) to serve humanity where it needs the love of Christ to come in a tangible and physical way; and 3) through various types of ministry such as prayer walks, nonverbal dramas, service projects and Vacation Bible School. Our prayer is that God may open their eyes and hearts to the message of Jesus." In the church's follow-up report to Mission Match the youth pastor stated, "My hope as a youth pastor is that the teens going on the trip will be drawn closer in their relationships with God. The congregation has seen the importance of these trips and how they can change lives and experience true life-change."

July 2007

Congregation in Illinois sends help to Mexico to repair homes and hold Bible school   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church in Illinois sent a team of 30 youth and adults to a small village on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, "they worked with the church in this small town to identify, fix, and repair homes in the area, and also conduct Youth Ministry Bible Schools in the town's church and in a nearby orphanage. The church provided construction materials, and covered lodging in the town, as well as food for the team." A follow-up Mission Match report from the congregation indicates that: "The team accomplished the following: 1) a Bible School program was held at an orphanage for 4 days; 2) a dorm room and bathroom were painted at the orphanage; 3) they purchased materials and began construction on a church nursery; and 4) they purchased materials and began construction on pastor's house. The Mission Match program provided a vehicle for us to publicize our project and to seek further involvement from our church family, and to accomplish more than first planned." In a follow-up local newspaper article a team member said, "Kids aren't going on the trip just for college resumes. They are going to actually help the people in need and make a difference." Another participant said the most rewarding part of the trip was "the opportunity to get to know people of other cultures, experiences, or economic circumstances, and moreover to get to know those people on a pretty basic level."

Summer 2006

Congregation in Pennsylvania gives food, clothing, and supplies in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Pennsylvania sent a team to Mexico. According to the congregation's Mission Match application, the congregation "is a small church that was only three years old" at the time of the application. According to their application, they sent "an evangelistic ministry team to meet the people at their point of need by distributing much needed food, clothing and supplies. The ultimate goal was to introduce people to Jesus and leave a lasting impression of Him on their hearts. The church provided rice, beans, clothing, Bibles, children's toys, and inspirational gifts for ministry." According to the church's Mission Match follow-up comments, "The congregation stepped up and gave even more that we expected."

May 2006

Congregation in Illinois does construction and evangelism at a church in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation in Illinois sent a team of twelve to Mexico. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the team "took care of children of families in poverty, helped with construction on the local church, and assisted the local missionaries in their work."

July - August 2005

Congregation in Indiana does home construction and Kids Club in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church in Indiana sent a team of 17 youth and adults to Mexico. According to follow-up comments to Mission Match from the congregation, "they helped lead a Kids Club for 200 children with games, crafts, skits, songs, and lessons. In addition to the supplies used for the Kids Club, the church bought lumber, paint, and hardware for home improvement projects. They finished construction on a house and built two showers." According to materials from the church "the goal of our mission project was to give our youth an opportunity to serve people from another country and culture. It is our desire to model servanthood and teach our youth to see needs and meet them without expecting something in return." Additional comments after the completion of the project state, "Mission Match funds ended up being about 10% or our total funds needed. Receiving the match encouraged us toward giving. Many people have given exceedingly more than usual. We have all been challenged and blessed as we watch God work miracles in our midst."

June 2004

Congregation in Indiana builds shelter house and installs water system in Mexico   (click to open/close)

A team of fourteen teens and seven adults from a Free Methodist Church in Indiana traveled to Mexico and provided funds to build a shelter house and install a new water system. According to the congregation's materials, they also held a Vacation Bible School. In follow up comments to Mission Match the Youth Pastor wrote, "God miraculously stretched the money much further than we ever anticipated! And it enabled our teens to do so much more work in the course of our week than we could have otherwise."