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Projects done by churches in Kansas that received Mission Match® funds

April 2010

Congregation in Kansas provides for basic needs in small community in Guatemala   (click to open/close)

A Nazarene congregation in Kansas planned to provide funds and personnel for construction projects in a small community in Guatemala. According to Mission Match application materials, "Our congregation is very mission oriented. As a congregation of approximately 200 attendees, this project will stretch our vision and personal stewardship beyond the level that we have attained over the last few years. We want to accept the challenge to pray more, and contribute more to the work of missions. We believe our faith involvement in our project will result in the changed lives of many Guatemalan citizens by the power of the Gospel preached and lived in the name of Jesus." The application materials continue, "Our current project will construct restrooms (two men's and two women's) with a septic tank and complete a local church owned classroom building that needs windows, doors, flooring, and lighting." The application materials also stated, "Elementary education is provided in the village up to the sixth grade. After that, the students must commute by bus to the next town. The students are responsible for the costs of school beyond the sixth grade. Many of these children do not have the income available to make those investments unless they are sponsored by someone outside their community or country. The completion of the church classroom building will expand the opportunity for use on Sunday and will make it possible to start a Christian school for young teens seventh grade through high school. The classroom will become multi-functional and will provide resource areas for tutoring, classes in life skills, education on the Biblical principles of abstinence and the sanctity of human life, personal hygiene, and safe food handling and preparation. These teaching strategies will greatly enhance the quality of life in the village." According to communication from the Kansas church, they "have two members from our church going on this trip. We are excited to take on this challenge and let all in our congregation and those who cannot go this time be a part of these projects through their prayers and offerings." Follow-up comments to Mission Match from the congregation stated, "Our goal was to complete the Classroom Building that was started previously and purchase materials. Five men were hired to help with our project, thus giving them needed work to help support their families." Comments further indicated that the floor was completed with concrete, cement blocks were used to divide the building into three rooms and materials were purchased for doors, windows, lighting and ceiling fans. Comments continued, "The men of the church will complete the classroom building with stucco and paint and it will be ready for use by the middle of May for expanding the church's ministry to the village people. The restroom situation is also a very needed project on the church property, but design plans had to be changed because of recent action by the government to put sewer lines in the streets of the village. Currently the restroom project is on hold." Additional follow-up comments stated, "We have learned to be flexible in our expectation of how much can be done in a short week trip. Sometimes special needs divert initial plans. The security of the church property has been a real problem. We worked on laying more rows of block for the security wall and preparing columns for the gates. Materials were purchased for a large metal gate to be placed at the entrance, and a smaller walk through gate." (Photos show security wall and entrance gate.) The comments indicated that needs of individual villagers were addressed by the congregation. One item sent by the congregation was "a new sewing machine, fabric and thread for continued women's ministry. This provides work for several women who we have taught to sew and bead. They make items to sell to support their families and are paid a fair wage. (Photo shows ladies sewing.)" In closing comments the congregation trip coordinator stated, "Mission Match really encouraged our congregation to give more sacrificially. Thank you for providing the incentive, encouragement and additional funds to help make this a successful trip. To God be the Glory for all that was done and will continue to impact this village in the name of Jesus."

February 2010

Congregation in Kansas refurbishes two buildings in Panama City to reach the disadvantaged   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Kansas sent a team to Panama City, Panama. According to the Mission Match application materials from the church, "We will renovate two (2) buildings in the ghetto area of Panama City where the church is pioneering a ministry for the disadvantaged. These buildings will be used for children and youth programs, neighborhood activities and will provide a point of ministry to that community." A letter from the Mission Trip Coordinator of the church stated, "This is the first mission trip our church has ever taken outside the US. While only 18 of us are going, we hope to involve the entire congregation in various parts of the project, so everyone can participate." Follow-up comments to Mission Match from the church stated, "The goal of the project was to help prepare a large building for use as a community center that could accommodate children's activities, adult education, community meetings and church. We accomplished this by preparing 5 rooms that can be used for classrooms or any meeting purpose. It was a lot more physical labor than most of us were used to, especially at our ages, but we were blessed. The building is in the ghetto of Panama City, much worse that we're used to in the Midwest. They have programs for neighborhood children both morning and evening. Even though the schools are on "summer" break, the children come, 30-40 per day. They get a meal, and structured playtime, arts and crafts, and tutorial help with schoolwork. Several of the children do not have homes and / or parents and live together in vacant apartments. When the children were present, some of our group helped the staff with their daily classroom work and other activities. None of us spoke Spanish, but everyone still understood love and concern and we all came away with some precious memories." In further comments the trip coordinator stated, "The heightened awareness as we prepared to go, the daily reports on our blog, the Celebration Sunday after we came back to the US allowed every attendee at our church to become more aware of the work being done in Panama. Hopefully this will only be the first of many such trips we make."

September 2009

Congregation in Kansas upgrades a mission house in South Dakota   (click to open/close)

A Nazarene congregation in Kansas upgraded the parsonage at a Nazarene mission in South Dakota. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the main goal of this mission work was to better equip the mission house for the resident missionaries by providing resources and labor. A new metal roof was purchased and put on the parsonage. A walkway was also installed from the house to the gate and the basement was finished for use as a guest room. According to follow-up comments from the congregation, "The job was a lesson in the way God works. We had planned to tear the old shingles off and lay the metal on the decking. However, when we got up Monday morning, the wind was blowing and it looked like rain. So, we formed up the walkway for cement, started on the basement, and put soffit on the porch that day. Tuesday, the wind was still blowing, so we decided to furrow out the roof, rather than to tear off the shingles, and to manhandle the metal. We were going to pour the cement on Wednesday, but when we called the cement plant Tuesday, they said they would be tied up then and wondered if they could bring the cement right away. We were ready and got the cement a day early!" The comments continued: "We prayed that the weather would change and, on Wednesday, we had just enough breeze to keep things cool but not to bother us while putting down the sheeting. Praise the Lord! Thursday, the wind blew again! If the cement had also come on Wednesday, we might not have been able to get the roof done. God has his time and way of doing things." In comments about the scope of this project for the congregation they said, "Our church has always been good about giving to missions. However, without Mission Match assistance, we would not have been able to take on a project of this magnitude. It changed how a couple of young men on the team will now view missions and giving to missions. They both came back extremely changed. In fact, they are planning another trip to the area to finish some smaller projects and to build some corrals."