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Projects done by churches in Kentucky that received Mission Match® funds

September 2015

Congregation in Kentucky provides housing and food for widows and orphans, first aid training to women and church leaders, and holds conference on benefits of vegetable gardening.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist Church congregation in Kentucky received its first Mission Match matching contribution to send 7 mission team members to Nairobi and Ahero, Kenya. As described in the Mission Match application, the congregation’s mission project included: “Build 2-3 houses for widows, basic 1st aid training to approx. 100 women and 100 church leaders, provide bulk food items for 200 widows and orphans, conference on how to benefit from small scale vegetable gardening, sharing the gospel in area public schools.”

According to the church’s follow up comments response, these goals were met. "I am confident that the promotional and fund raising activities before the trip raised mission awareness, as evidenced by the involvement and giving." Additional comments state, "the promise of matching funds really helped to motivate our people to give. The giving towards this mission project exceeded our expectations."

December 2013

Congregation sends full-time missionary to Honduras   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church congregation in Kentucky received a second Mission Match matching contribution to help send a fulltime missionary family to Honduras. According to the cover letter of the application materials from the congregation, “The family has been with us for the last 12 years and has been directly involved with our church and our vision from day one. We are a mission minded church with a call to carry the gospel to unchartered territory ... [The family’s] integrity and character represent Jesus in all manner of life; their children serve Jesus as well ...”
The Mission Match application submitted from the congregation states, the missionary “... has continually gone to Honduras to further cultivate the work he began in 2009 by ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to churches in the remote mountainous regions. Now we have the pleasure of sending him and his family to Honduras as fulltime missionaries. [Their] hearts are to further reach out to the churches in the mountains. … many of these churches are untouched and suffer greatly due to ignorance of God’s Word and financial resources. Their desire is to ... bring strength to [them] through various ministerial means. ... the family will begin to host mission groups from the states ... in July 2014. ...
“The goal is to develop more connections with various other types of ministries to bring unique strengths to the churches and communities (construction, business development, medical/dental, evangelism, food/clothing distribution, clean water projects, etc.).
“The whole designed plan and goal is to develop healthy vibrant churches in the remote mountainous communities of Honduras.”

June 2009

Congregation in Kentucky spreads the Gospel message in a depressed area of Ireland   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in Kentucky sent a team to a depressed area in Ireland. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the goal of this team mission project was to "lead others to faith in Christ, to encourage discipleship, and communicate the uncompromising Gospel message in new and creative ways, focusing on the relationship with God through Christ rather than rules of a specific denomination." The application materials indicated that the team's activities would include venues such as school assemblies, classes, Church services, visiting and witnessing in coffee bars, and children's ministries such as Vacation Bible School. Application materials indicated, "Ireland has long been a country torn apart over differing religious view points. Generations have grown up under this conflict." According to follow-up comments from the church, the goal was to "reduce barriers and introduce and/or reinforce the truth that it is a personal relationship with Christ that is important." Another comment from the church said, "One positive aspect of the Mission Match was that the congregation saw the importance of all missions trips. Another is the fact that we are called to go here at home, in our state, in our nation and in the world. We are to go either physically ourselves or go through our giving in support of those who go."

January - April 2009

Congregation in Kentucky sends missionary to Honduras   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Kentucky sent a member supported by the church to the remote mountainous regions of Honduras for the "2009 Honduran Expedition," according to the congregation's Mission Match application materials. The information continued stating, during "the three-month stay, the ministry member will be doing the following: living in the remote mountainous regions of Honduras in various villages, preaching and teaching the gospel to the remote pastors and their people, bringing encouragement through our Lord Jesus Christ, strengthening those who have heard of Jesus Christ, bringing the name of Jesus Christ to those who haven't heard, and participating in a medical campaign and various food distributions." According to the congregation's Mission Match cover letter, "We must go and reach these remote areas so they too can be free from bondage the enemy has brought their way." Comments in the letter continued, "Mission Match assistance will open many more doors for future mission trips to further ministers and educate remote areas of Honduras in the Word of God, healthier living conditions, construction, medical help, food and education. We know that through Jesus Christ, all things are possible."

October 2007

Congregation in Kentucky trains women in mission outreach in Kenya   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Kentucky sent a team to Kenya. According to Mission Match application materials from the congregation, they "helped to train women in mission outreach by teaching seminars, holding revival meetings, and carrying out one-on-one ministry." According the application materials, the congregation also "provided blankets for an orphanage, ministry materials, and teaching materials for the seminars." Follow-up comments from the congregation to Mission Match reported, "The goal of our project is to reach out to other nations in fulfilling the great commission and to train and instruct others to do the same." They also said, "Mission Match caused our congregation to become aware of the need of other countries and it also sparked creativity in ideas of ways to help and bless others. This is a great program that truly blesses smaller ministries like ours and helps us to be able to do more mission work."

August 2004

Youth of congregation in Kentucky bring vitamins to children in Angola   (click to open/close)

The youth at a Southern Baptist church in Kentucky raised funds to purchase children's multi-vitamins to help stop global child deaths in Angola. According to the Mission Match application materials from the congregation, "the majority of the communication involved with this fundraising was done by our youth. They were the primary fundraisers, learning of the needs of the Angolan children, working for their contributions, and communicating the need within our church. Our youth department made several posters for this project 'Children's Vitamins for Angola,' took offerings from their department, and then went around to all adult Sunday School departments explaining this mission." According to follow-up comments to Mission Match, the team traveled to three areas in Angola where the children were seen in medical clinics by a team of medical mission care providers, one of whom is a registered nurse and Associate Pastor at the Kentucky church. According to comments from the congregation, the vitamins purchased by the Kentucky congregation were given to the mothers of the children who were brought to the clinics. Further comments said "This provided an opportunity for our youth to be involved directly with raising money for a project, seeing that money multiplied, and then hearing of the results of their project efforts. Thank you for your generosity."