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Projects done by churches in Minnesota that received Mission Match® funds

January 2008

Congregation in Minnesota gives supplies to an orphanage in Kenya   (click to open/close)

An Evangelical Lutheran Church in America congregation in Minnesota listed two main purposes for their mission trip to Kenya. According to the congregation's Mission Match application they were: 1) to bring hope and encouragement to women and pastors by preaching and teaching at two scheduled conferences; and 2) to directly distribute humanitarian aid to those most in need. According to the church's follow-up report, they purchased and presented goats, beehives, medical supplies, vitamins, clothing, Swahili Bibles, food, and school supplies to an orphanage. They also taught a pastor's leadership conference and women's conference. Additional funds raised were used to supply a well in a slum area outside of the town where the team worked. "It was very much needed."

Summer 2007

Congregation in Minnesota does evangelism and church construction in the Dominican Republic   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational independent Bible church in Minnesota sent a team to the Dominican Republic. They partnered with Youth With A Mission. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, "they plan to build a church and minister to the orphans and elderly, counsel families, and do street evangelism." According to application materials, the church was to provide food, shoes, learning materials and hygienic supplies for the children's ministry, and children's gifts to hand out during the time of street ministry, as well as building supplies for the church. Follow-up comments to Mission Match from a team member say, "We also were able to buy food for local orphanages, drug rehabilitation center, and leprosy center. As a team, we were able to personally deliver this food to them as well as show the love of God by spending time with the children and adults." Additional follow-up comments from the congregation stated, "Mission Match provided a challenge to give towards a specific missions project and we met the challenge! We were able to present a clear fundraising goal along with the missions projects. It provided a tangible way for members to connect and to get excited about giving. Knowing their dollars would be 'doubled' was a great incentive along with knowing how, when and where the funds would be used. Funds were raised in a short amount of time with little difficulty. We are very thankful for this opportunity and look forward to continue increasing our missions giving."

July 2007

Congregation in Minnesota provides medical care in Nicaragua   (click to open/close)

A Church of Christ in Minnesota sent a team to Nicaragua. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, "the congregation provided a team to coordinate medical clinics, a pharmacy, and eye clinics. The church provided eyeglasses, medicine and medical supplies for these clinics. Team members provided medical and optical care for the needy, and they also did evangelism." According to the church follow-up report to Mission Match, "over 2500 individuals were cared for during the time in Nicaragua. Funds donated enabled two clinic sites with full pharmacy as well as medications and health kits for the patients at the clinics."

June 2007

Congregation in Minnesota helps in battered women's shelter and disabled children's home in South Africa   (click to open/close)

An independent Christian church in Minnesota sent a member of their congregation to be part of a college youth ministry team to South Africa. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the team volunteered with a church in South Africa on projects such as "helping in a battered women's shelter and a home for disabled children, and volunteering in an AIDS orphanage." A follow-up report indicated the desire of the team member to "experience first hand, foreign mission work in a culture totally different from the culture she grew up in. She learned how to seek support, both spiritual and physical, learned about adjustment to a foreign culture, and that young people can make a difference. She witnessed to her home congregation that short-term mission trips can make a difference to all involved. Her enthusiasm for sharing the Gospel was very contagious. Our congregation surrounded her with prayer and encouragement." Further comments indicated that, "Mission Match provided financial encouragement to the congregation that added incentive to raise the bar in the congregation's giving. It gave inspiration to everyone to give generously so that mission effort not be hampered by a lack of funds."

May 2005

Congregation in Minnesota provides medical supplies and Christian chaplains to a hospital in Kosova   (click to open/close)

An Evangelical Baptist church in Minnesota sent a team to Kosovo. According to information on the Mission Match application from the congregation, "After the Serbs attacked the territory of Kosovo in 1999, they destroyed many homes, destroyed complete villages, and the health system of the country was left in ruins. One of the major concerns for the health and safety of the patients was the lack of a sterile environment in surgery, the Emergency Room, and Intensive Care Unit. Most medical persons simply wore street clothes into the hospital since the Serbs destroyed most of the medical attire. The child mortality is high due to lack of sterile environment." The Minnesota church comments continue, "As a result of the church's concern for the medical needs of the country, the head of the health system permitted and invited the local national church to send Christian chaplains into the hospital. Mission Match helps us to continue to partner with the national church in reaching the 99.5% non-Christian population of Kosovo." The Minnesota church said, "As we continued to help the hospital and give the Christian church in Kosovo credibility in a Muslim area of the world, we have undertaken the task of supplying 2,700 medical scrubs and lab coats to every nurse, technician, and doctor. This gift has allowed complete and full access of the Kosovo church and the Minnesota church to minister to the physical, medical and spiritual needs of every patient."