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Projects done by churches in Ohio that received Mission Match® funds

February 2013

Congregation in Ohio contributes funds for the care and support of poor and orphaned children at a school in India.   (click to open/close)

   A United Methodist Church congregation in Ohio received a Mission Match matching contribution to help fund support to a children's school in India. According to the Mission Match application and cover letter, the congregation wanted "to contribute to the care of children at [the school] in Arunachal Pradesh State, India [in order to] provide support for children who are poor and some who are orphaned. Food, medicine, etc., will be provided to [the school]." Additional application material stated, "We look forward to working ... in support of Christ's call to go to the corners of the world."
   Follow-up comments from the congregation stated, "The goal was to help provide for the needs of others, children in particular. We also wanted to bring attention to global/international missions. Our congregation, led by the pastor and lay people, has been a giving congregation. ... The evidence of growth in giving will be in 2013 and the following years. If this effort is made again we can better emphasize denying ourselves something in order to give."

March 2008

Congregation in Ohio installs plumbing and electricity in church and provides medical care in the Dominican Republic   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist church in Ohio sent a team to the Dominican Republic. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, the congregation was returning to a church that they had previously constructed on a mission trip. "We want to provide a construction team go back to install plumbing and electric for the church. We also want to take a medical team that will provide medical care and medicine to some of the poorest in the area." A follow-up report to Mission Match from the Ohio congregation stated, "In addition to our construction project, our medical team saw 576 patients in Haitian refugee communities." In comments from the congregation they said, "What a blessing the trip was! It was such a blessing to have Mission Match partner with us in the Dominican. The work of the Lord is in full force in the areas we are ministering to. The people are so appreciative and thank God for the work that is taking place there."

June - July 2007

Congregation in Ohio builds a new roof on a church, provides medical care, and holds a Vacation Bible School in the Dominican Republic   (click to open/close)

A United Methodist Church in Ohio sent a mission team to the Dominican Republic to build a church. According to the congregation's Mission Match application, the "mission team of 30 includes a construction team to work on building a new roof on a new church building, a medical team to provide free medical care and medicines to those in need, and a Vacation Bible School/community outreach team who are the hands and feet of Jesus to hundreds each day." The application materials continued, "As a church family, we felt led to build a church in a third world country. Funds were used to purchase land and building supplies. It is our prayer that when the church building is complete, it will draw many people to Christ as we open our arms and reach out to them." According to a follow-up report from the church to Mission Match, "The Mission Match opportunity has deepened the knowledge of what missions are going on and the costs involved. The trip was wonderful and many seeds were planted for Christ to reign in the lives of hundreds of people."

January 2006

Congregations in Ohio raise funds for a family to begin ministry in Romania   (click to open/close)

Five Ohio Free Methodist Churches worked together to raise start-up funds for a family to begin ministry in Romania. According to Mission Match follow-up information from the churches, "This has been an exciting partnership for the Ohio churches. The churches that participated definitely experienced an increase in missions awareness and participation in their respective congregations." The family supported by these funds wrote, "It is truly amazing to look back over the last few months and see how God has provided. ... Now the real work begins. ... However, we must not forget the most important work, and that is praising our Lord. ... What a great God we serve!"

Summer 2005

Congregation in Ohio repairs damages from hurricane in Jamaica   (click to open/close)

A Christian Church/Church of Christ congregation in Ohio used the money to repair damages from Hurricane Ivan to a mission organization in Jamaica. According to the church's materials with the Mission Match application, "local labor was used in this project. This has always been a mission minded church. The church has supported the Jamaican mission for more than fifty years. At the time of the application, we have had a shift in membership and attendance from an older congregation to a younger one. Missions is a new concept to these younger people. It is our desire to give them the opportunity to give to this project and to help teach them the blessings of serving others."

September 2005 - 2002

Congregation in Indiana sends team to Haiti to provide help in building shelter for a girls’ orphanage and distribute food to children.   (click to open/close)

A non-denominational church in Indiana received a Mission Match Matching Contribution to send five church members to go on a mission trip to Haiti with a Christian relief ministry. The follow-up report stated: "The trip was originally supposed to be a medical/dental mission … God put together a different team than was expected. We had many construction/builders so some of the team worked on a girls’ orphanage to provide shelter for children while others fed beans/rice to hungry children."

Additional follow-up comments were: "The trip was a HUGE success! … The team came back passionate about missions with plans to go back to Haiti as soon as possible. They are whetting the appetite of their church family … in hopes of recruiting more people for mission work. None of this would have been possible without your help!"

January - May 2005

Congregation in Ohio starts new youth educational programs in Ohio   (click to open/close)

An Episcopal church in Ohio requested assistance with two new programs for low-income young women and men. The congregation's Mission Match application described the programs as focusing on "building self-esteem and decision-making skills with the goals of keeping the youth in school, preventing teen pregnancy, and enhancing career development strategies, all within the Christian perspective. No other similar programs were available in the community." According to the application, "This is a small congregation in an inner-city neighborhood. Our congregation is made up of community residents who have very limited financial resources. Reaching the teens in the neighborhood is very important to the congregation, so they committed to increase their personal giving in order to support these new programs." In follow-up comments to Mission Match the pastor indicated, "We are in the beginning stages of the programs, but we think we are seeing differences. Student's grades are improving slightly, behaviors in groups are improving, and there is less 'trashing' of others. The students are in the process of developing their own goals for self-development." In additional comments the pastor stated, "The Mission Match program challenged us to take on more responsibility. The response was fabulous. Over 90% of the active members gave toward our match. This project was phenomenal! We had people bringing in jars of coins! In a congregation made up largely of poor and working class people, the increased giving exceeded all expectations. It demonstrates the importance of reaching out to young people. We are newly energized and empowered."

February 2005

Congregation in Ohio rewires its church kitchen to aid in meal preparation for low-income people in Ohio   (click to open/close)

An Episcopal church in Ohio had been providing a meal the last Saturday of the month to those in need. According to the congregation's Mission Match application, the "congregation's primary mission is to serve the needy in our community on the last Saturday of the month when many run out of funds and food. Our Soups On program has been serving close to three hundred meals each month." According to information provided by the church, the poverty rate in the church's county had increased to 11.2% in two years. Since the church's electrical service was not adequate to handle the preparation of the meals, (the circuit breakers would blow when more than one outlet was being used) the congregation applied for money to help rewire their kitchen so they could continue the meals. In follow-up comments to Mission Match the church stated, "Because of your support of our program, our congregation has a better feeling that our efforts are being recognized as worthwhile. We thank Mission Match for assistance so that we can better serve the people who come for our dinners."

Fall 2003

Congregation in Ohio installs an elevator for handicapped students at a school in Chile   (click to open/close)

A Christian Church/Church of Christ congregation in Ohio provided funds for an elevator in a Christian school in Chile. According to the congregation's Mission Match application, the school includes all grades and was implementing a post high school job-training program. The government had advised the school to install an elevator so that handicapped individuals could participate in the school. According to a follow-up report to Mission Match, "We are thankful to your organization for being able to partner with us to permit the native missionary [in Chile] to continue his mission to win souls to Jesus Christ through education."

April 2003

Congregations in Ohio and Florida join to purchase a van for missions use in Jamaica   (click to open/close)

Two Christian Church/Church of Christ congregations, one in Ohio and one in Florida, combined their efforts to use funds to pay for a new van for a mission organization in Jamaica. According to the congregations' Mission Match application materials, the organization provides leadership training, a camp program, a youth retreat, and other programs to the poorer churches in Jamaica. The ministry's old van was totaled in an accident. One church said, "This vital piece of equipment is desperately needed for the continuation of their ministry. This loss exceeds what we can provide through our normal missions giving. However, with your assistance we can make a significant contribution toward the purchase of a replacement van." A follow-up comment indicated that Mission Match "was an answered prayer. The transition of funds and the spirit in which the business was transacted was truly in Christian love."

January 2003

Congregation in Ohio sends minister to Cambodia to teach short term   (click to open/close)

The Senior Minister from a Church of Christ in Ohio traveled to Cambodia for a series of leadership training sessions and teachings. According to materials received from the church requesting Mission Match support, the pastor shared that he met "with Cambodian national church leaders from the Christian churches. He spoke through a translator teaching New Testament theology and spread God's good news to the people in Cambodia. Since God has blessed the various teachers going to Cambodia, the number of sites for teaching increased from four to five." The pastor said in follow-up comments sent to Mission Match, "We had 357 baptisms today and tomorrow we will have over 100 more. We baptized a couple of ladies in their 90's. Today I've seen the power of the good news on hearts ready to turn to God." According to the pastor's comments, many more people were baptized daily after teachings and one house church increased from 20 to 450 members by the end of the teachings. The pastor indicated that Bibles were desperately needed and the Ohio church provided resources to give many Bibles away. According to the follow-up report, the Cambodian people were most anxious to have Bibles, even beyond the amount that had been planned. Many more Bibles were provided when a local Cambodian print shop was able to print additional Bibles for distribution. During the time in Cambodia, two pieces of land were donated and prayed over. According to the pastor, it is planned that the land will be used for a future Bible College and Conference center. The pastor concluded one day's reflections after much preaching and many baptisms with this quote: "Today I've been reminded God lets us work with Him and see Him Glorify His name."