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Projects done by churches in Washington that received Mission Match® funds

September 2011

Congregation in Washington State provides educational and humanitarian support to people in Nairobi, Kenya.   (click to open/close)

A Southern Baptist congregation in the State of Washington received a Mission Match matching contribution to help fund a mission trip to Kenya, Africa. According to materials received from the congregation on the Mission Match application, the mission trip was to go to Nairobi, Kenya and the city outskirts. Comments on their application from the church indicated, "After much research and praying we have been led to Kenya this year. Our goals are two-fold -- educational support and humanitarian support. Our team plans to teach theology classes, help get their computers and lab up and running, provide training for the staff and conduct a leadership seminar. Our team will also provide curriculum and teaching both in English and subjects to be determined. Our church will be collecting shoes, food, medical supplies and Bibles to donate. We also will build houses for widows." Follow-up comments from the congregation indicated, "The goal of our project was to develop a relationship with the Kenyan people in order that we might minister to them year after year. Our congregation was looking for a place to serve, with the talents and passion we had to offer ... and that's where God led us. Our team had a hard time leaving the country. It was emotional—we fell in love with the people, and we couldn't stop talking about them and future projects all the way home! We have already initiated three projects with the Kenyan people and a second trip is planned. A water tank was set up so that orphan children could have relatively clean water. One family house of 46 orphans received shoes and socks and a pantry full of food. The mud house building process was used to build a new house for a widow and her 9 children along with an aunt and two grandmas who also took up residence in the tiny house. We have set up a pen pal program between students in Kenya and our children's department at our church. Already over 60 letters have arrived from Kenya and our kids are eagerly returning them. They are learning about Kenya and about giving of themselves for the greater good. Mission Match has helped our congregation grow in their mission giving for sure. Because we had the goal to raise funds, our people were challenged by the Holy Spirit to give beyond their means and then watch to see how God used their faith for His glory. Our church is over 60% senior citizens on a fixed income! When the team reported back to the congregation what we were actually able to accomplish, it was incredible to see the joy and satisfaction they had in their hearts for getting to be a part of it all. It was as if they had gone themselves!

September 2008

Congregation in Washington provides funds to help meet the physical needs of children and families suffering from HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty in South Africa   (click to open/close)

A Church of the Nazarene in Washington State provided funds to a compassionate ministry in South Africa. According to the congregation's Mission Match application materials, ""The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the needs of the ministry center and of the people they serve who are suffering from extreme poverty and AIDS-related problems and to raise financial support for the center." According to Mission Match follow-up reports from the congregation, the project goal was "to help meet the physical needs -- food, school uniforms, and school fees -- of children and families living in a South African community. This goal was accomplished." Further follow-up comments said, "In spite of many local financial needs and stress affecting our local congregation, the awareness of those greater needs compelled many to give regardless of their own circumstances. There was great rejoicing once the goal was met and exceeded. This has helped us, as a congregation, to see beyond our own needs to help others less fortunate than ourselves. Mission Match has been a great encouragement to us."