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Mission Match Applications are not being accepted at this time.

On May 31, 2016, Mission Match reached its current distribution level.

This notice will be removed when Mission Match Matching Contribution funds to be distributed are at a level such that applications are again being accepted.

Thank you for your interest in Mission Match.
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Projects done by churches in Florida that received Mission Match® funds

April 2003

Congregations in Ohio and Florida join to purchase a van for missions use in Jamaica ...click to open/close

Two Christian Church/Church of Christ congregations, one in Ohio and one in Florida, combined their efforts to use funds to pay for a new van for a mission organization in Jamaica. According to the congregations' Mission Match application materials, the organization provides leadership training, a camp program, a youth retreat, and other programs to the poorer churches in Jamaica. The ministry's old van was totaled in an accident. One church said, "This vital piece of equipment is desperately needed for the continuation of their ministry. This loss exceeds what we can provide through our normal missions giving. However, with your assistance we can make a significant contribution toward the purchase of a replacement van." A follow-up comment indicated that Mission Match "was an answered prayer. The transition of funds and the spirit in which the business was transacted was truly in Christian love."