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Mission Match Applications are not being accepted at this time.

On May 31, 2016, Mission Match reached its current distribution level.

This notice will be removed when Mission Match Matching Contribution funds to be distributed are at a level such that applications are again being accepted.

Thank you for your interest in Mission Match.
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Mission Match® Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does our congregation need to reserve Mission Match funds before we raise new money to be matched?   (click to open/close)

There are at least two reasons why you need to reserve Mission Match funds before you begin to raise new money in your congregation that you want to have matched.

The first reason is to be sure Mission Match funds are available. When Mission Match receives a request, it temporarily sets aside the requested funds while Mission Match confirms that the congregation and the project qualify. Then Mission Match notifies the congregation that the requested amount has been reserved. When the congregation tells members that Mission Match will match their donations, the congregation can be confident that if they raise the new money, Mission Match funds are available.

The second reason is to be sure the congregation's request meets Mission Match guidelines. When Mission Match receives a request, it carries out a basic due diligence process. First, it confirms that the request comes from a functioning congregation that will use the Mission Match money for the stated purpose. That's one of the reasons that the congregation is asked to send a recent Sunday bulletin with its letter of request. Second, Mission Match confirms that the project the congregation has selected meets the Mission Match guidelines.

These steps need to be taken before the congregation may let members know that Mission Match funds are available.

2. What kind of organization is "Mission Match"?   (click to open/close)

Mission Match is a project of empty tomb, inc., a Christian nonprofit organization that encourages increased missions giving in historically Christian congregations.

3. Is there some logical way to approach all the need in the world?   (click to open/close)

As far back as 1972, and first published in 1984, staff at empty tomb, inc. have been exploring the great potential for impacting global need in Jesus' name, and logical ways to approach the problems. One solution is the Yoking Map®. Christians in each county in the U.S. are "yoked" with a specific area of the world. The suggested outlines would spread the billions of potential mission dollars throughout the nations that have the greatest word and/or deed needs. More information is available on the Yoking Map page on the empty tomb, inc. web site.

4. Can any impact be made on stopping, in Jesus' name, the deaths of so many children under five years of age?   (click to open/close)

Recent studies have shown that over two-thirds of the deaths of children under 5 years old could have been prevented by interventions available and affordable for widespread use today. Areas that can make significant improvements include: 1) sanitation; 2) health intervention; and 3) hunger or malnutrition interventions.

Detailed information may be found in articles first presented in the Lancet medical journal. You may access studies on child survival through this Web site.

5. What happens if our congregation raises more than the amount needed for the Mission Match matching contribution?   (click to open/close)

Since you will be having a special "ask" to raise the money to be matched by Mission Match, it is a matter of integrity that all the money raised in that effort will be spent on the project named in your congregation's Mission Match application. You are asking people in your congregation for money to fund that project.

And you should be prepared to raise more than the minimum amount. So far, congregations routinely oversubscribe the Mission Match matching contribution amount. In other special offerings - - to pay a bill or a capital expense - - denominational leaders have noted a phenomenon: The offering will come in just under the needed amount. With the Mission Match offerings, however, our experience has been that people are generous when they see a specific need and "excel in the grace of giving" (2 Cor. 8:7).

So be prepared as to how your congregation might spend additional money on the mission project named in your application, just in case more comes in than just enough to be matched by the Mission Match matching contribution.

Think Bigger. Think Mission Match®

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